Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pot vs kettle

I'm really skittish about using the full old saying for fear of some irrational person calling me racist because an old saying involves a color. You most likely know the one I refer to if you're smart.

Anyway Pot please meet kettle...great you've been introduced. Now aren't the majority of stories in the news lately seriously skewed? Funny that.

In all seriousness - as usual the Obama Administration wants things both ways. What I refer to is the White House/Obama family inviting rapper "Common" to a poetry gathering at the White House this week. The controversy involves Common's lyrical 'poke' as the White House would have you believe, at former President Bush. Yet as we found out after the death of Osama Bin Laden, its incredibly callous of people to wish any other human being dead for any reason...

Color me confused. So the White House has invited a rapper and a large group of youth to the poetry event. A rapper who has rapped about how people should go out & kill former President Bush because of the Iraq war. But OTHER people shouldn't be happy when someone who is a known enemy of the country is killed. I get it now, wait, no I don't. I don't get how again the White House can stand behind a story and a person like Common as a role model for youth, if they have a bug up their asses about a small news paper in a tiny town in California about a single line in a story a few weeks ago that presented Michele Obama in a possibly 'snooty' manner. The White House Communications Office censored a public newspaper because of its writer's comment about the First Lady; the same office who after all is part of the Obama Administration - threatened another newspaper and a writer of a more major newspaper - but one with less readership than the potential impact of a rapper, spouting his hate and violence to the nation's children as supported and honored by the President & administration.

Pot calling the kettle colorful now aren't we? Once again folks you cannot have it both ways. Either its not alright to censor anyone, and therefore its fine that this common character is free to spout his hate against the former President, and then it should also be alright to critique the First Lady, or give an opinion piece without fear of censorship by the government. Or the reverse - Common is guilty of 'violent rhetoric' against a former President which in theory could be taken as a threat, and is just a really bad example for today's youth, and should be pulled from the poetry lineup; and the newspaper was wrong to post anything about the First Lady that wasn't a glowing, happy, rainbows shooting out their asses review of her, and all opinions, and videos of anti-Obama protests should be shut down under the same philosophy.

But I digress - they can't do that, we do have guarantees, for LEGAL citizens of the US, under the Constitution of the United States of America, giving us a right to free speech - unless you're talking bad about the flotus and the white house finds out.

Which is it?

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