Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hate-speech from the supposedly better than me

I think after the week of political BS that has come at me through Facebook its time for a severe list-cleansing. Bleach, SOS pads, maybe some napalm for good measure to make sure I get the filth off my list and make sure they STAY off it.

Don't get me wrong a lot of this started with my opinion posting about the 5 illegals who were arrested protesting at the Governor's office...but its continued with the evil hate-speech several of the set who would consider themselves 'so much more tolerant, open-minded, and simply better than you' group that is in short - a small group of liberals. Some seriously don't know when to shut the hell up and in just 5 days one has proven she's one of the biggest hypocrites I've ever had the displeasure of meeting.

I won't name names, but I'll paste quotes. A few of these came through my private messages...personally aimed threats, and libelous statements.

Here we go:
In private in the last week I've been accused of 'harboring criminals from prosecution', 'an over the top drug habit including heroin & cocaine', and 'participating in physical harm to others who aren't white'. Actual statements not posted because sadly they'd probably identify the people who wrote them. I don't want to start world war 8 on my facebook page again. But seriously - every single comment came from a supposedly more tolerant than me liberal.

Public posts by liberals that are entirely NOT tolerant "I hope they (all conservatives/libertarians) die in a fire tonight", during a recent string of arsons in the city of Indianapolis. I hear this statement a lot lately from a LOT of liberals. Yet after the news of Osama bin Laden's death at the hands of US Navy SEALs most of the liberals were suggesting that anyone celebrating his death should be ashamed of themselves. Funny, and I'm pretty sure ironic that if the legislators who passed certain anti-liberal bills  (defunding planned parenthood for example) that if those legislators did meet some unfortunate end - the horde of liberals screaming for their head would suddenly rejoice. Pot - kettle...dark.

A self-denied liberal - he swears he isn't one - recently threw out the first libelous punches in a long-winded 'debate' on my post regarding how ICE wouldn't detain and deport 5 illegals who felt they had a RIGHT to protest at the IN governor's office...the liberal started the name calling first. Not the conservative.Yet they both devolved after that. Seriously the liberals need to check themselves.

For the record - I don't condone illegal drugs in any form - want to legalize pot - fine - but its still illegal federally so you can't cross state lines w/your med pot card. Second - I live with two other people - both US citizens - born & raised here, I don't have anywhere to store my own stuff let alone an extra person. bother. I don't believe in personal physical violence from me towards another person unless during a sporting competition and then and only then I want to play with them another day...why kill them for real? Also on that note - why is it so hard for liberals to abide by their own rules? After the Giffords shooting in March the liberals & liberal media called for an end to the hatefilled rhetoric - yet its gotten worse - mostly from liberals. Again know the drill.

I'm off to sanitize my list.

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  1. People can be COMPLETELY ridiculous. Take it from someone who's been known to get that uppity herself. ;) But lately, I've tried to keep it in check.