Monday, August 8, 2011

Friendly neighborhood not-a-terrorist

I am am American - I was born here. My birth certificate doesn't look fake - it looks old. I had to produce it and 6 other forms of paperwork just to change my ID from NY to IN. It took Obama how long to produce just his birth certificate?

I am NOT a terrorist, drug user or delusional - despite what the liberal media would have you believe. Liberals are pro-pot legalization but call tea partiers drug users. VP Biden calls them terrorists...terrorists KILL innocent people en masse. A terrorist is one who perpetrates violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror), are perpetrated for a religious, political or ideological goal, and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (civilians). Dear second in command jackass - I've never knowingly done anything that even remotely fits that description. Just because I disagree with your beliefs & opinions does not make me or any other person a terrorist. It does however make you look like the ignoramus we know you really are.

I'm not a tea partier, because I disagree with some of the beliefs of the organization. I'm a conservative libertarian who thinks there are far more pressing issues than prohibiting gays from getting "married" & having equal protection & rights. If you base tea party status on wanting "no taxation without representation" then yeah I guess I am one. By the people & for the people - not 'funded by the people who we then ignore".

Let's add this up:
Me: still proud to be an American, not a terrorist, not using any kind of illegal drugs, not delusional (no shrink has deemed me such), believes in no taxation without representation, believes government must be limited lest it become an oligarchy. You want me to be more open-minded but call me names when we disagree...

You: hate America & its people (except you of course) can't swear you've never done illegal drugs, no comment on the mental status thing I can't view your medical records, you believe its only fair to make everyone pay for everything even if we don't believe in it - unless its something you don't believe in then you're not paying for it either, you're part of the oligarchy that has become our government. You like to instill fear in your citizenry instead of facts. You shout hate speech at those who disagree with you but want the other side to be more open-minded. Would I call you a terrorist Mr. vice president? No I'd just call you an immature asshole.

and because it still exists. the constitution tells me i have every right to think of you that way - and to say it publicly.